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Japam - Great Pandit in Jaipur India

Meaning of “Japam” is to understand the meaning of a “Mantra” and repeat it. The continuous repetition of a Mantra with the consciousness of the pregnant meaning in the words calms the “inner senses” and gives pure bliss.

Meaning of “Mantra” is derived from Man +Tra which means achieving the ultimate in this material world, its phonetics in a mantra can give suggestions to the mind. It will give benefits to both who chants & the one who hears the Mantra.

Astrologer in Jaipur India Japam Puja Services

List of Main Japam

Ganesh Sahasranama Parayanam Ganesh Atharvashir Parayanam Durga Sooktha Japam Durga Sapta Shati Parayanam
Normal Udakasanthi Japam Udakasanthi Japam Normal Soorya Namaskara Japam Soorya Namaskara Japam
Normal Shri Sookta Japam Shri Sookta Japam Rudra Japam Ganesh Sahasranama Parayanam
Normal Rinaharamangalastotra Japam Rinaharamangalastotra Japam Normal Poushna Sookta Japam Poushna Sookta Japam
Mrithyunjaya Japam Normal Mrithyunjaya Japam Lalitha Sahasranama Japam Normal Lalitha Sahasranama Japam
Hikka Nivuti Japam Normal Hikka Nivuti Japam Normal Hanuman Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa
Normal Aprathiratha Sookta Japam Normal Aikamatya Sookta Japam Aprathiratha Sookta Japam Aikamatya Sookta Japam
Lalitha Sahasranama Par. 1 day Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam 9 days    


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