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Yagya (Homam) - Great Pandit in Jaipur India

Meaning of “YAGYA” this word come from Sanskrit 'YAJAN'. Its means prayer, sacrifice, surrender, concentration & sharing good and bad feelings with many people and things. One of another meaning of Yagya is “action without expectation”.


Pandit Ji for Yagya from India

List of Yagya (Homam)

Abayaprada Homam Normal Abayankara H. Normal Prajakamaha Ain. Prajakamaha Ain.Homam
Ayusha Homam Normal Ayusha Homam Chandi Homam Nava Chandi Homam
Shata Chandi Homam Durga Lakshmi Saraswathi Homam Durga Sooktha Homam Ganapathy Homam
Normal Ganapathy Homam Ganapathy Homam with 1008 modhakams Ganapathy Homam with 108 modhakams Normal Indraayagumhomuck Homam
Indraayagumhomuck Homam Papahara Normal Indraya Manyumathe Manasvathe Home Vishadahara Homam Lakshmi Kubera Homam
Normal Lakshmi Kubera H. Mrithyunjana Homam Normal Mrithyunjana Homam Navagraha Homam
Normal Navagraha Homam Normal Shlowshnahara p.h Shlowshnahara P.H. Normal Pradapane H.
Pradapana Homam Pratyangira Homam    


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